TCN-S 1/10th Touring Car 190mm Bodyshell

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BLITZ proudly introduces its latest 1/10 Touring Car body shell, the BLITZ TCN-S.

Based on the BLITZ TCN, the TCN-S is slightly smaller in overall size with changes to key design elements to improve steering response and corner speed.

The original TCN was designed to work on low traction conditions where grip and stability were the key requirements. Meanwhile the new TCN-S is focused on improving handling, especially in classes from 21.5T blinky to 13.5T boosted, under improving track conditions. Compared to the TCN, the TCN-S has better low speed steering and corner speed, while maintaining the TCN’s trademark high speed stability.

For ARC touring cars, pre-marked bodypost location for a direct fit on both vertical and horizontal mounting. 

Blitz TCN is available in 2 different thickness of 0.5mm and 0.7mm, made by high quality polycarbonate and includes window masking, light decals and mounting screws/nuts.

#60233-07 TCN-S Body-Shell 0.7mm-Standard 

#60233-05 TCN-S Body-Shell 0.5mm-light